• Since 1864 A great story to tell
  • 50 000+ UHNW / HNW CLIENTS
  • 10H 1 SALE EVERY
  • 14 Bn€ + LISTINGS
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  • Access to our shared network database of luxury properties and UHNW/HNW international clients through our CRM
  • Worldwide tailored corporate marketing and advertising support
  • Referrals of properties, clients, and more through and within our network
  • Training and Support of our affiliates’ teams (John Taylor Academy)
  • Display of our affiliates’ properties in fairs, trade shows, magazines, brochures, market reports, website, portals, press articles, sponsored events, partnerships material (Corcoran, Artcurial, etc.)
  • Cross-selling campaigns
  • Promotional press conferences
  • Increase of our affiliates’ value proposition
  • Short and long-run economies of scale
  • …and much more!
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Why should you become a John Taylor affiliate?

1Because you will have a great story to tell…

We are one of the world’s oldest luxury real estate firms.

We were here before Edison invented practical electric light, or Nobel established prizes for peace, science, and literature.

We were here before Bell patented the telephone, or Jules Verne wrote Around the World in 80 days.

We were here before Mahatma Gandhi, Henry Bacon or Albert Einstein were even born.

Nothing in the world can buy history, and since 1864, we are proud to continue this legacy…

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2Because your properties will find the right buyers…

We have a global presence in more than 25 world-class destinations.

We have more than 50.000 clients from no less than 50 countries worldwide.

You will be granted access to our shared network database of luxury properties and UHNW/HNW international clients through our CRM.

Today, your properties have a chance to be sold within 10 hours and rented within 5 hours*.

*Within JT network, today we make on average a sale every 10 hours and a rental every 5 hours.

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3Because your clients will have a wider choice…

Today, we are present in the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States through our exclusive alliance with Corcoran.

From a portfolio of thousands of luxurious properties, your clients will feel god-like:

You will be able to pick for them an unforgettable stay, with the weather they choose, anytime of the year, and the proximity they wish to have to snowy mountains, the beach, the city or the countryside.

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4Because your listings will be easier and faster to increase…

Today, we have more than €14 bn in listings.

When one is entrusted with unique properties by his clients, such as Tour Odéon, Château Soligny or One Hyde Park, mandates of €150 mn and rents of €1 mn per month, become easier to achieve; You will be able to increase your listings easier and faster.

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5Because your properties will be showcased and talked about…

Last year alone, we were mentioned in more than 160 articles with a readership of 43 million.

Moreover, we have signed more than a hundred partnership on a local or global level in the following industries: aerospace, financial services, healthcare, insurance, information, automotive, online and offline media, new technology, big data, and of course, real estate.

We constantly participate prestigious events such as the Monaco Yacht Show or the Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco.

We have renewed our exclusive alliance with Corcoran, US East coast leaders in luxury real estate strong of their $19 billion in annual sales, and enhanced our partnership with auction house Artcurial that has broken many sales records.

With our local press trips and conferences, to which many media giants participate, you will be able to talk about your properties and reveal your expertise of the local market to millions of people.

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6Because you will make economies of scale…

With our IT and marketing tools, you would be making short and long-run economies of scale.

For instance, with our Printshop, no more shipping of stationery is needed while maintaining corporate guidelines.

Also, with our shared Drones, VR & 360° cameras equipment, you will be able to highlight your properties for a reasonable price, without buying or renting the equipment itself.

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7Because your team’s performance will be a top priority…

Within our JT Academy, training for your team is continuous and is considered a top priority of our affiliates’ support.

Based on a methodology combining a practical transmission of experiences and very little theory, our expert trainers will accompany your team to out-perform its local competition and increase your revenues!

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Because the John Taylor experience is…

Testimonials from current affiliates:

  • When we first went to the market under the John Taylor name in 2007, we felt strong confidence from our clients

    - Nicola Schon, President of John Taylor Milan

  • Working in Real Estate for more than 20 years, John Taylor opened to me the access to the high-end properties on the market and its top clients

    - Ivan Barrondo, Head of John Taylor Spain and Portugal

  • John Taylor has a strong marketing team and a good support team, we have been working with Corporate as one team

    - Ghassan Al Binali, Managing Director of John Taylor Doha


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